1. What class times do you offer? We offer a variety of classes from early morning, to afternoon, evening. Check out our class schedules for both locations to find a time that works for you!  (link to class schedule at both gyms)

  2. Can I try it before I buy it? Absolutely! We offer a free trial week. We understand that life can be crazy and sometimes finding a class time that fits your schedule can be challenging. Feel free to class-hop and find what time works best for you. Also, with CrossFit everyday is a different workout! Another reason why we offer a One Week Trial Period is so you can get an idea of how the classes are ran and experience more than 1 workout.

  3. Do you offer any discounts? We offer a variety of discounts. Military and 1st responders, teachers and students, nurses, additional family members, and we also offer a referral program. For every friend you introduce to our community you will receive $20 dollars off your rate so long as your friend renews their membership! *Up to 5 friends

  4. Do you have child care? We pride ourselves in being a family oriented CrossFit gym. Although we do not have a supervised facility for children, we do have a "Kids Room" at both locations equipped with seating and a television. Your children are more than welcome to come to the gym as long as they are able to stay in the room. Infants and young toddlers are able to be in the gym as long as they are secured in a car seat or stroller and set out of the way of the workout space and clear of any traffic within the gym. Feel free to bring in a snack or toys to help keep them occupied, and understand that is not the coaches job to attend to children during class. 

  5. Do you have a shower? Yes! We do have one shower at both locations. You will need to provide your own shower supplies and towel. 

Our three most popular membership packages are: 

  • 2 days/week ($120/4 weeks) - Not sure about CrossFit and just want to get your feet wet? Or maybe you have another workout regime and just want to throw in something a little extra? This option is a great way to ease your way into fitness. But we highly recommend that you remain active on the days you are not in the box to achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • 3 days/week ($150/4 weeks) - This our most recommended package for beginners or for those ready to commit to a lifestyle change! You are more likely to experience a more well-rounded exercise program and will see results faster.

  • 5 days/week ($200/4 weeks - This option is geared more towards those who are seasoned in CrossFit or those seeking to improve their skill in more technical movements used in workouts, such Olympic Lifts and gymnastics. 


Contact us today about your first week, the first week is always free.  Come out to the location that is nearest you and see what we are all about!  


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